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What Is Excel?
What Is Excel?
Excel is a spreadsheet program where you can enter numbers and data into the rows or
columns of an Excel worksheet and then create calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis
from the data you’ve entered. Even if you don’t have strong math skills, you’ll i nd that
Excel makes computations easy to understand. If you already have a good background with
mathematics, you’ll be able to do more complex calculations. Excel makes it easy and painless
to manipulate numbers and data. Computations are done behind the scenes, and when the
data changes, so do the results of formulas.
In addition to numbers, Excel is also useful for organizing data such as lists of names
and addresses.
How can you use Excel?
You can use Excel to track data, analyze it, and perform calculations on the data, and then
you can present the data in a variety of ways. The following table shows a few ways in which
you can use Excel.
You can use the powerful
calculation tools to create
financial statements
Profit and loss statement
You can create business or
personal budgets
An event budget or a
retirement budget
Billing and sales
You can manage billing and
sales data
Sales invoices
You can create a report that
summarizes and analyzes your
Stock market forecast reports
You can create a plan for any
event or activity
A weekly class plan or vacation
You can keep track of a
collection of related data
An inventory list to track
Using calendars
The grid-like workspace makes
it easy to create a custom
An academic calendar or fiscal
year calendar
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