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Exploring the Excel workspace
Exploring the Excel workspace
When you launch Excel 2010, the application opens to a workspace window with a File
menu and several tabs running across the top. The File menu lets you access Backstage view.
The tabs are the Ribbon organizers. The tools that you need for entering and manipulating
data are contained in the Ribbon. The worksheet contains a formula bar, cells, rows, and
columns. Finally, the status bar at the bottom keeps you updated with important information
such as the current Excel mode and the layout view you are in.
The Excel workspace.
Now let’s open a document and practice using the Ribbon commands and hot keys. Hot
keys are keyboard shortcuts within Excel that can help you maximize productivity. You
can display the key tips for these keyboard shortcuts while you work until you become
accustomed to accessing the commands you use most often.
Launch Excel.
Click File > Open. In the Open dialog box, navigate to Oi ceLessons > Excel02lessons
> excel0201, and click Open.
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