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The Excel user interface
Click on Simpson in cell A12. This text is contained in a cell. Each piece of data occupies
a cell, and each cell can contain any of the following types of data:
The way you identify a cell is by its location. Click Empire State Building in column C.
Follow the row over to the far left. The number 7 identii es the row. The location of this
cell, then, is C7 (column C, row 7).
Let’s take a closer look at the Excel user interface.
The Excel user interface
The Excel window consists of various elements. These include standard Windows elements,
such as the title bar and status bar. The window also has Oi ce-specii c elements, such as the
Ribbon and the File tab. There are also Excel-specii c elements such as tools and options that
you can use to enhance your work.
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar gives you convenient, one-click access to your favorite tools.
Currently, the toolbar in the document displays the Save, Redo, and Undo options.
The Quick Access Toolbar provides easy
access to commonly used commands.
Let’s customize the toolbar to include the Print Preview and Spelling & Grammar buttons. If
you have completed Microsoft Word lessons, you will i nd this to be a familiar process.
To customize the Quick Access Toolbar:
If the document excel0202 is not open, click File > Open. In the Open dialog box,
navigate to Oi ceLessons > Excel02lesson > excel0202, and click Open.
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