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Working within a workbook
Click Row 1 to select it, and click the down arrow next to the Fill Color button again.
From the available i ll colors, click Blue Accent 1; the i fth color in the i rst row under
Theme Colors.
To be able to see the text in line 1, you will need to change the font color to white to
contrast with the dark blue shading. With the i rst row still selected, in the Home tab,
choose the down arrow next to the Font Color button (
Under Theme Colors, click White.
Click Save and then choose File > Close.
Working within a workbook
A workbook can contain many worksheets. By default, Excel supplies three worksheets when
you start a new blank workbook. If you need more, you can add them. You can also delete
any sheets you do not need.
It’s important that you become familiar with the major components of a worksheet and how
to move around within it. To practice, you will build a workbook from a template. A template
is a preformatted document on which you can base a new document. You’ll also add a
worksheet to the workbook and name the worksheet.
Click File > New > New from existing.
Navigate to the Excel02lessons folder and double-click Weekly meal planner.
Click the Insert Worksheet tab ( ) at the bottom of the worksheet. Excel adds a new
worksheet entitled Sheet1.
Right-click the Sheet1 tab to display the Worksheet menu.
The Worksheet menu.
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