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Working within a workbook
Click Rename, and type Grocery List in the selected area. Click anywhere on the
worksheet to apply the name change.
To save the workbook, click File > Save As. The Save As dialog box appears.
Navigate to the Excel02lessons folder, type excel0203_working in the File name box,
and click Save.
Understanding the worksheet area
To get the most from Excel, you should be familiar with the worksheet area and its
components, and comfortable with entering data into a worksheet. Data can be text, such as
column labels, or numbers (also called values). You can enter data into any cell in an Excel
worksheet by typing directly into the cell. You can also enter data using the formula bar.
The formula bar is located at the top of the worksheet and displays the cell address and the
contents of the active cell. Excel left-aligns text and right-aligns numbers.
You will be working with text only on this worksheet.
In the excel0203_working document, click on the Weekly Meal Planner tab so that this
worksheet is active.
Click Sunday and notice that the formula bar displays the cell location and contents.
The Formula bar.
Click in the cell just below Breakfast and next to Sunday . The cell is outlined in black,
indicating that it is active and that you can enter data into it.
Type English breakfast mui ns and cof ee and press Tab. This moves you to the cell
to the immediate right.
Type Tuna salad sandwiches and iced-cof ee and press Tab.
Instead of entering data directly into each cell, you can type it in the Cell Contents box
of the formula bar. The Cell Contents box is located to the right of the ( ). As long as a
cell is active, you can use the Cell Contents box to enter contents into that cell.
Click the Cell Contents box, type Lasagna and Salad , and press Return.
Click the Name Box, the left-most box in the formula bar, which contains the current
cell location. You will enter the cell location of the next cell you want to edit.
Type E3 and press Return. Notice that the E3 cell under snack is now selected.
Type Apple .
Click File > Save, then File > Close.
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