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Generating a new workbook from an existing one
Let’s select a column:
In excel03011, position the mouse pointer over the E column header. The mouse pointer
changes to a small down arrow.
Click the column header. Excel highlights the E column.
Now that you have selected a column, you can make changes to it. In the next example,
you will delete the column.
Deleting data or cells
Beginning with the weekly meal planner, you‘re now going to adjust the rows and columns
to make the document more suitable for the new workbook you are creating. When deleting
data, you have to decide whether you want to delete just the data contained within the cell
or the entire cell.
If you only want to delete the contents of the cell, just press the Delete key. This leaves the cell but
removes the contents.
Deleting an entire column
If it isn’t still selected from the previous exercise, click the column header for column E.
Click Home. In the Cells group, click the down arrow next to the word Delete to
display the Delete Cells menu. Click to select the Delete Cells option.
The Delete Cell menu allows the user to delete
cells, rows, or columns from the sheet or table.
You can also right-click a cell in the column, and click Delete to display the Delete dialog box. In
the dialog box, click Entire Column and then click OK.
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