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Entering data
Entering data
Before you enter data into a cell, you must select the cell. If you enter data into a cell that
is already populated, then the old data is lost. To i nalize the data entry, you can either press
Enter or click outside the cell. To clear an entry made without losing previous data, press
ESC before navigating away from that cell. If data was already changed, you can select the
undo button to revert back to previous data.
To enter data:
In excel03011, select Row 1 by clicking the row header.
Type London Vacation Itinerary in place of Weekly Meal Planner and press Enter.
The space is too small for the data that you entered. To i x this, you can merge the cells
to match the formatting of cell A1.
Click to select cell A1, press and hold Shift, and then click and drag to the end of
column D.
Click Home. In the Alignment group, select Merge and Center, and then press Enter.
Click to select cell A3 and type Day 1 .
Make the following additional changes to column A:
Select cell A5 and type Day 2 .
Select cell A7 and type Day 3 .
The completed changes.
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