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Copying and pasting within Excel
Copying and pasting within Excel
You can copy a range of cells and paste it into another range of cells within the worksheet.
Click cell B2, and type Morning .
Press Tab, the cursor is now positioned in cell C2, and type Afternoon .
Press Tab, the cursor is now positioned in cell D2, and type Evening .
Click cell B2.
In the Home tab, click Copy (
) in the Clipboard group.
The Copy button copies the selection and places it on the clipboard.
Click cell B4, and click Paste (
). Click cell B6, and click Paste.
You have now replaced all the cells that contained Breakfast with Morning by using the
Paste command. You could have also used the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V.
Repeat the procedure to copy and paste Afternoon replacing Lunch . You can use Ctrl+C
to copy and Ctrl+V to paste, if you prefer.
Repeat the procedure again to copy and paste Evening replacing Dinner .
Copying from Word and pasting into Excel
The Clipboard is a standard Windows feature that you can use to help with pasting selections.
When you use the Copy or Cut command, the selection moves to the Clipboard.
In Excel as in Word, you can collect multiple selections in the Clipboard, and then paste
them into a document. The Clipboard serves as a holding area for up to 24 selections in
Microsoft Oi ce documents.
To view the Clipboard, click the dialog box launcher in the bottom-right corner of the
Clipboard group on the Home tab.
The Clipboard dialogue box launcher
shows the Oi ce Clipboard Task Pane.
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