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Copying and pasting within Excel
The Clipboard task pane contains the last several items that you copied.
Clipboard task pane.
To copy from a Word document and paste the selection into an Excel worksheet:
1 Launch Word.
2 In Word, click File > Open. The Open dialog box appears.
3 Navigate to Oi ceLessons > Excel03lessons and select excel0302.
4 Select the morning activity for Day 1 and click Home > Copy, in the Clipboard group.
5 Make the Excel document active by clicking the Excel document on the status bar:
6 Click the dialog box launcher in the Clipboard group to display the Clipboard and
its contents, if it is not already visible.
7 Click cell B3.
8 In the Clipboard task pane, click the Tower of London activity that you just copied to it.
Excel pastes the selection into cell B3. The selection needs to be contained in the one
cell, so you will wrap the text within the cell.
9 In the Home tab and in the Alignment group, select Wrap Text.
10 Repeat the copy-and-paste procedure using text from the Word document for
the follo wing:
Day 1 Afternoon and Evening
Day 2 Morning, Afternoon and Evening
Day 3 Morning, Afternoon and Evening
11 Click File > Save. The Save As dialogue box will appear. Navigate to Excel03lessons
folder and click Save.
12 Click File > Close.
13 In the Word document. Click i le > Exit to close Word.
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