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Formatting cells for numbers
Paste Options
You may have noticed that when you paste a selection into a cell, a drop-down menu appears in
the lower-right corner of the selected cell.
Paste Options menu.
The paste options that Excel displays in this menu only apply for the active selection:
The Paste option pastes text, values, formulas, and cell formatting into the cell.
The Keep Source Formatting option copies the formatting from the original cells
and pastes it into the destination cell along with the data.
Formatting cells for numbers
The Number group on the Home tab displays the Number Format drop-down menu that
of ers options to format numbers. The format of a cell dei nes how Excel treats and displays
the data stored inside the cell. In this exercise, you’ll practice formatting numbers.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
1 Choose File > Open. Excel displays the Open dialog box.
2 Navigate to the ex03lesson folder.
Click excel0303 and then click Open.
Select File > Save As. Excel displays the Save As dialog box.
In the Save As text box, type excel0303_done and then click Save.
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