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Working with fonts
Working with fonts
You can change many characteristics of the fonts in your worksheet to give it some style. For
example, you might want to increase the font size of the title to make it stand out. Changing
the title’s color to green and font weight to bold, for example, can give the worksheet a more
professional look.
Launch Excel.
Choose File > Open. In the Open dialog box, navigate to the Excel04lessons folder
located in the Oi ceLessons folder that you copied to your computer from the DVD
that came with this topic, and then double-click excel0401 to open the i le.
An Excel document opens to an unformatted worksheet.
Choose File > Save As, type excel0401_done and press Save.
Changing Fonts
Let’s start by formatting a document. In the following steps, you’ll change the font style, size,
color, and characteristics.
Click cell A1 to select the title of the document.
On the Ribbon, click Home, and then click the dialog box launcher in the Font group.
The Font dialogue box launcher displays the
Font tab of the Format Cells dialogue box.
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