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Aligning cell data
Aligning cell data
You can control how cell data aligns within your worksheet. Excel automatically aligns data
to sit at the bottom of the cell, with text to the left and number data to the right. To improve
the appearance of your worksheet, you can change the horizontal and vertical alignment.
With the excel0401_done document still open, let’s change the text alignment in some of
the worksheet cells:
Click within the cell that contains Breakfast , and if it is not already active, click Home.
Click the dialog box launcher in the Alignment group.
Dialog box launcher in the Alignment group displays
the Alignment tab of the Format Cells dialogue box.
In the Format Cells dialog box that appears, make the following selections in the
Alignment tab:
From the Horizontal drop-down menu, select Center.
From the Vertical drop-down menu, select Center.
Make changes to the alignment in the Format Cells dialog box.
Click OK.
The word Breakfast appears in the middle of the cell.
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