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Aligning cell data
Formatting text
The mini-toolbar appears when you select text. In this exercise, you will use it to format
the text in the Breakfast cell. You will then copy the formatting to other cells using the
format painter.
Double-click inside the Breakfast cell to make the cell active, and double-click the
word Breakfast .
Move your cursor over the faded mini-toolbar that appears above the selected word.
The mini-toolbar allows
quick Font selections.
If the toolbar disappears, right-click to display it again.
Select Arial from the Font drop-down menu and click Bold ( ).
Click the Font Color drop-down menu (
), and select the i rst blue font under
Theme Colors.
The Font drop-down menu provides
many color choices for the selected text.
Click Increase Font Size ( ) until the size of the font reaches 16.
Click outside the Breakfast cell and back inside Breakfast cell to deselect the single word
and select the entire cell.
On the Ribbon, click Home. In the Font group, click the down-arrow to the right of
the Fill Color ( ).
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