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Adding columns and rows
On the Border drop-down menu, select All Borders. This places a border on all lines in
the selected ranges.
The Borders drop-down menu displays
the many border options
To add the shading, click the H2 cell and drag to cell H3, if it is not already highlighted.
Then, click the Fill Color drop-down menu in the Font group. Select the i rst gray shade
under Theme Colors.
Select the i rst gray shade in the top row under Theme Colors.
Adding columns and rows
You can add columns and rows to your worksheet if you need to insert information. In the
following steps, you’ll add a column for Fat between the Food and Calories columns.
Click the E column header. This should select the entire column.
On the Ribbon, click Home. In the Cells group, click on the down arrow next to or
below Insert and select Insert Sheet Columns.
Click inside cell E3 and type Fat .
Click the H column header, and then select Home. In the Cells group, select the
down arrow next to or below Delete and select Delete Sheet Columns. Excel deletes
column H.
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