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Assigning Number Formats
Resizing columns and rows
You can resize the worksheet’s columns and rows to make them look more appealing. In the
following steps, you’ll resize the Food column so the foods listed i t within the column space.
Position the cursor over the border of the header between columns D and E.
Click and drag the border until all the foods i t within the column.
You can also click Home > Cells group > Format > Autoi t Column Width to resize a selected
column to i t existing text.
Assigning Number Formats
You can use number formatting to control the appearance of numerical data in your
worksheet. Excel of ers formatting choices that you can apply to single cells, ranges, columns,
rows, or an entire worksheet.
Click in the cell under Calories and drag to the end of the column to select it.
In the Ribbon, make sure you are on the Home tab, and then click the Number Format
drop-down menu in the Number group.
Number group allows you to choose how the values in a
cell are displayed.
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