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Finding the sum of a column
Select Number from the drop-down menu. Notice that Excel adds decimal places to
the numbers.
Place the cursor in cell H5, select Currency from the drop-down menu, type , then 12
press Enter. Excel adds a dollar sign to the number.
Now, place the cursor in cell H6, select Time from the drop-down menu, type , then 12
press Enter. Excel formats the number for time.
Press the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work.
Finding the sum of a column
You can use AutoSum to quickly sum a range of numbers in a column or row.
Click the i rst empty cell below the Calories column, or cell E24.
Select Home > Editing group > AutoSum.
The AutoSum command displays the sum of
the selected cells directly after the selected cells.
A formula appears in the cell that you selected, and Excel selects the column above it.
Click AutoSum again. Excel displays the total of the Calories column.
Now you will decrease the number of decimal places in the total sum.
With the total still selected, select Home > Number group > Decrease Decimal.
The Decrease Decimal command
shows fewer decimal places.
Click Decrease Decimal again, so that the total shows a whole number.
Select File > Save and then select File > Close.
Congratulations! You have completed the lesson.
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