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Understanding Excel functions
Click inside cell B5, located to the right of the words SALES TOTAL , and then type an
equal sign ( ). Excel displays the equal sign in the formula bar. =
When you type a formula into a cell, it also appears in the formula bar.
You can type the formula directly into the formula bar or into a particular cell.
In the worksheet, click cell B2. Excel inserts the cell address into the formula.
Type a plus sign ( ) to begin adding the data from B2 with other cell contents. +
Type the formula in the cell.
9 In the active cell, we will continue to create the formula; click cell B3 and type another
plus sign (+) and then click cell B4. The formula bar should now appear as follows:
10 Press Enter and Excel displays the total of the cells in column B, which represents the
sales total for January.
11 Click File > Save, and then click File > Close.
If you need to change a formula, you can click the formula result. In this example, you would
click cell B5. Excel redisplays the formula in the formula bar. After you make edits, press Enter.
Understanding Excel functions
To build powerful formulas, you may need to include one or more Excel functions as
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