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Understanding Excel functions
A function is a predei ned formula. An example is the SUM function that calculates the total
of a list of numbers. You can use a function on its own preceded by an equal sign or as part of a
larger formula.
Function structure
Every function has two components: a name that always appears in uppercase and arguments
that appear within parentheses. Arguments are the inputs the function uses to perform the
calculations. An example is SUM(A1,B2,C3), which adds the values of the cells A1, B2, and C3.
Function types
Excel of ers a variety of function types, such as math and trig; however, statistical and i nancial
functions are most common; these are shown in the following tables.
Common Statistical Functions
AVERAGE Returns the average of its arguments
COUNT Counts the numbers in the argument list
MAX Returns the maximum value of the arguments
MEDIAN Returns the median value of the arguments
MIN Returns the minimum value of the arguments
MODE Returns the most common value of the arguments
STDEV Returns the standard deviation based on a sample
STDEVP Returns the standard deviation based on an entire population
Common Arguments for Financial Functions
The fixed rate of interest over the term of a loan or investment
The number of payments or deposit periods over the term of a loan or
The periodic payment or deposit
The present value of a loan (the principal) or the initial deposit in an
The future value of a loan or investment
The type of payment or deposit: 0 (the default) for end-of-period
payments or deposits; 1 for beginning-of-period payments or deposits
Common Financial Functions
Returns the future value of an investment or loan
Returns the interest payment for a specified period of a loan
Returns the number of periods for an investment or loan
Returns the periodic payment for a loan or investment
Returns the principal payment for a specified period of a loan
Returns the present value of an investment
Returns the periodic interest rate for a loan or investment
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