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Building an AutoSum formula
Click in cell C21, type =SUM( within the cell, and Excel displays a small banner that
shows the function’s arguments.
Excel displays the function’s arguments in a banner.
Excel displays required arguments in bold type.
Click in cell C2 and drag to cell C20 and release. Excel adds a reference for the range to
the formula.
Type the end parenthesis, , to show you are done adding the data range for this function )
and press Enter. Excel adds the column of numbers and displays the result in cell C21.
Click File > Save, and then click File > Close.
Building an AutoSum formula
You can use the AutoSum formula to add a range of cells. A range can be a single cell, or
many cells. You can use AutoSum to add cells in a contiguous (cells joined together) range of
cells, or a non-contiguous (cells not joined together) range.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel05lessons folder.
Click excel0504 and then click Open.
Select File > Save As.
In the Save As text i eld, type excel0504_done and then click Save.
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