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Building an AutoSum formula
Click cell M5, and then click AutoSum located in the Function Library group on the
Formulas tab.
Excel displays the cell addresses to add.
Notice that the formula automatically chooses the cells directly above the current cell to
perform the calculation.
The cell you select to display the result should be directly below or to the right of the range you
want to add. While adding, if AutoSum encounters a blank row or a cell with text in it, AutoSum
stops calculating and displays the result.
Press Enter. Excel displays the result in cell M5.
You can also press Alt+= for the AutoSum shortcut.
AutoSum can also perform other functions automatically, such as i nding the average. In this
exercise, you’ll calculate the annual sales average using AutoSum.
Click cell N5, and then click the down arrow on the AutoSum button to display the
AutoSum drop-down menu.
The AutoSum menu lets you perform
many dif erent functions.
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