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Exploring chart elements
Creating a chart
You can quickly convert spreadsheet data into an easy-to-read chart.
In this exercise, you will open a document and save it. You’ll then create a chart using
existing data.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
Launch Excel. Excel displays a blank page.
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel06lessons folder.
Click excel0601, and then click Open.
Select File > Save As and in the Save As text box, type excel0601_done , and then
click Save.
Click cell A3, drag to cell D3, and then drag down to include rows A8 to D8 and release.
When you select the data for a chart, you can include headings and labels, but do not include
totals and subtotals.
Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and then click Column in the Charts group to
display the Column Charts menu.
You can choose between 2D and 3D column charts.
In the Cylinder group, click the i rst chart on the left named Clustered Cylinder. Excel
displays a chart on the worksheet and the Chart Tools tab on the Ribbon.
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