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Adjusting and moving the chart
Adjusting and moving the chart
Excel allows you to adjust the chart on a worksheet. In this exercise, you’ll adjust the size of
the chart and then move it to a dif erent location.
On the worksheet, move the cursor over the top-left corner of the chart until the cursor
looks like a cross with arrows on the ends.
Click and drag until the upper-left corner of the chart sits in cell B2, and then release the
mouse button.
Move the cursor over the bottom-left corner of the chart until the cursor looks like a
double-sided arrow. Click and drag down and to the left until the corner of the chart sits
in the center of cell A22.
Adding chart titles
In addition to adding a title to your chart, you can also add titles to the horizontal and
vertical axes. In this exercise, you’ll do all three.
In the excel0601_done document, click the top edge of the chart. Excel displays the
Chart Tools on the Ribbon.
Click the Layout tab, and in the Labels group, click Chart Title to display the Chat
Title menu.
The Chart Title menu of ers options for where to
display the title.
3 Select Above Chart. Excel adds a text box above the chart and slightly resizes the chart.
4 Type American Sport Attendance . Notice that what you type displays in the formula
bar. Press Enter, and Excel displays the title in the text box.
5 Choose File > Save to save your work.
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