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Adjusting and moving the chart
Positioning a chart legend
The chart legend is a box that appears within the chart area and identii es the colors
associated with each data series in the chart. You can move the legend from its default
location (at the right of the plot area).
In the excel0601_done document, click the chart. On the Layout tab in the Labels
group, click Legend to display the Legend menu.
You can display the legend where it i ts best
on your chart.
Select Show Legend at Top. Excel moves the legend to the top of the chart area and
adjusts the chart to i t.
Choose File > Save to save your work.
Displaying gridlines
Gridlines make a chart easier to read and analyze. Horizontal gridlines are useful with area,
bubble, and column charts, while vertical gridlines are helpful with bar and line charts. In this
exercise, you’ll display the primary vertical gridlines in the chart.
In the excel0601_done document, click the chart and then in the Axes group on the
Layout tab, click Gridlines.
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