Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Adjusting and moving the chart
Click Primary Vertical Gridlines. Excel displays the Primary Vertical Gridlines menu.
You can display the major or minor gridlines, or both.
Select Major Gridlines. Excel displays the major gridlines associated with the
dif erent categories.
Displaying a data table
You can make it easier to interpret a chart by adding a data table, which displays the source
data for the chart. You can display the data table either with or without a legend. In this
exercise, you’ll include a legend.
In the excel0601_done document, click the chart, and in the Labels group on the Layout
tab, click Data Table to display the Data Table menu.
Excel lets you insert a data table with or without a legend.
Select Show Data Table with Legend Keys. Excel displays the data table and a legend.
Choose File > Save to save your work.
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