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Adjusting and moving the chart
Customizing a chart background
You can customize the background of a chart. For example, you can add a solid background,
a textured i ll, or a background picture. Be sure, however, that your background does not
distract from the information in the chart. In this exercise, you’ll add a color i ll.
In the excel0602_done document, click the chart. In the Format tab, in the Shape Styles
group, click Shape Fill to display the Shape i ll menu.
You can choose from a variety of colors for the background.
Select the i fth color over from the left in the second row, Blue Accent 1 Lighter 80%.
Choose File > Save to save your work.
Changing a chart type
If you are unhappy with the chart type you’ve chosen, you can change it to one that displays
the data more eff ectively. In this exercise, you’ll change the chart type to a bar chart.
In the excel0602_done document, click the chart and in the Design tab in the Type
group, click Change Chart Type to open the Change Chart Type dialog box.
You can experiment with a variety of chart types in the Change Chart Type dialog box.
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