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Adjusting and moving the chart
Select Bar from the list on the left side of the dialog box; select the i rst bar chart in the
Bar group, and then click OK. Excel displays the data in a bar chart.
Because the legend does not serve a purpose in this type of chart, you’ll hide the legend.
Click the Layout tab on the Ribbon, and in the Labels group, click Legend to display the
Legend menu.
Select None. Excel hides the legend.
You can relocate or hide the legend.
Click File > Save, and then click File > Close.
Editing a chart element
Excel makes it easy to edit the elements in a chart. In this exercise, you’ll edit the legend in a
line chart.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel06lessons folder.
Click excel0603 and then click Open.
Select File > Save As. Excel displays the Save As dialog box.
In the Save As text box, type excel0603_done and then click OK.
In the worksheet, click the chart and then click the Design tab.
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