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Adding Sparkline graphics to a worksheet
Adding Sparkline graphics to a worksheet
Sparkline graphics are simple cell-sized graphics that show data trends. As you can see in the
following table, Excel of ers three types of Sparklines.
Displays a simple line chart within a cell
Displays a simple column chart within a cell
Displays a simple win/loss chart within a cell
For this exercise, you’ll reopen the excel0601_done document.
To open the document you need for this lesson:
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel06lessons folder.
Click excel0601_done and then click Open.
Click cell B5, drag to cell D5, and then release the mouse button. You may need to drag
the graph down to view rows 5 through 7.
Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and in the Sparklines group, click Line. Excel
displays the Create Sparklines dialog box showing the selected data range in the Data
Range text box.
The Create Sparklines dialog box lets you indicate
where you want the graphic to appear.
On the worksheet, click cell E5 and in the dialog box, click OK. Excel displays the
graphic representing the data trend in baseball attendance.
Repeat steps 4 to 6, selecting cells B6 to D6 for the data and cell E6 to display the
graphic. This time, Excel shows an upward trend for basketball attendance.
Click File > Save, and then click File > Close.
To edit the Sparkline graphic, edit the data to which the Sparkline refers.
Congratulations! You have completed this lesson. In this lesson you have discovered how
to create and format charts using the tools that Excel provides.
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