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Filtering a range
Click Add Level. Excel adds another level, or category.
You can add another category to the sort.
In the Then by drop-down list, select Movie, and then click OK. Excel lists the directors’
names in alphabetical order because you told Excel to sort the directors’ names i rst.
Steven Spielberg has multiple movies on the list, so his movies are in alphabetical order
because you sorted the additional category, Movie.
If the data you want to sort is across a row rather than down a column, click Options in the Sort
dialog box; click Sort left to right, and then click OK.
Filtering a range
When you want to view only portions of the data, you can use a i lter. Unlike a sort, which
sorts the entire worksheet, a i lter selects records to display based on certain criteria.
Click the Best tab in the bottom-left corner of the worksheet; click cell B2, and in the
Sort & Filter group, click Filter. Excel displays a drop-down arrow at the top of each
column that contains data.
Excel displays a drop-down arrow for each column head.
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