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Setting data validation rules
In the worksheet, click the cell to the right of Account Number or cell D5. On the
Data tab on the Ribbon, in the Data Tools group, click Data Validation (
). The Data
Validation dialog box appears.
The Data Validation dialog box lets you set allowed values.
6 On the Settings tab, click the down arrow to the right of the Allow drop-down list and
select Whole number.
7 In the data drop-down list, select between; in the Minimum text box, type , and in the 0
Maximum text box, type 999999 .
8 Click the Input Message tab, and click the Show input message when cell is selected
check box, if it is not already checked.
9 In the Title text box, type Account Number; in the Input message text box, type The
entry must be a whole number between 0 and 999999 , and then click OK.
Notice that the message appears below the Account Number text box when you select
the cell.
10 Make sure cell D5 is still selected and type .25 and press Enter. You will notice an error
message telling the user that the restricted values are set and the value you entered is invalid.
The error message appears warning you that the value is
not valid.
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