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Creating a PivotTable
Select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object; click the Paste link radio button, and then
click OK. Word displays the data. Double-click the imported data, and Excel tools
become available to use for editing and formatting.
The Paste Special dialog box displays options to paste in various formats.
6 In the Excel program, choose File > Save, and then choose File > Close. In the Word
program, choose File > Save, and then choose File > Exit.
Creating a PivotTable
A PivotTable is a versatile method of summarizing data. You tell Excel the i elds to display
and how to display them.
To open the i le you need for this lesson:
Choose File > Open and navigate to the Excel07lessons folder.
Click excel0706 and then click Open.
Select File > Save As. Excel displays the Save As dialog box.
In the Save As text box, type excel0706_done and then click Save.
Before you begin creating a PivotTable you will always want to:
Remove any blank rows or columns
Be sure that each column has a heading
Be sure that the cells have the proper formatting for their data types
Click cell A1 and drag over to cell F1, and then down to row 20.
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