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Manipulating graphics
Manipulating graphics
You can use graphic objects to enhance regular spreadsheet data. Excel supports graphics that
you create yourself, such as shapes, and those that you import using the Clip Art and Picture
commands. Once you create or import a graphic, you can then transform it within Excel.
The following table describes the tools you can use to insert and format graphics in Excel.
Use the Picture tool to insert a picture from a file
Clip Art
Use the Clip Art tool to insert drawings, movies, sounds, or stock photography
Use the Shapes tool to insert ready-made shapes
Use the SmartArt tool to insert diagrams
Use the WordArt tool to add stylized text
When you add a graphic to an Excel spreadsheet, Excel displays the image with handles
around it so that you can resize, shape, and rotate the graphic.
A. Rotating handle. B. Shaping handle.
C. Sizing handle.
To select a graphic, you simply click it; to select multiple graphics, you hold down the Shift or Ctrl
key as you select each graphic.You can then manipulate all graphics that you selected as a group.
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