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Moving graphic objects to a new layer
Click on the star, and then click the Format tab. In the Arrange group, click Selection
Pane (
). Excel displays the Selection and Visibility pane.
The Selection and Visibility
pane lists the graphic layers.
In the Selection and Visibility pane, click Isosceles Triangle 2, and then click the
uparrow twice (this arrow is located at the bottom of the pane in the Re-order group).
Excel moves Isosceles Triangle 2 to the top of the list. Notice that the triangle in
worksheet also moves to the top layer and is completely visible.
Click an icon to display a menu.
With the triangle still selected, click the down-arrow in the Re-order group. Excel
moves the triangle back one layer. Notice that part of the triangle is now obstructed.
In the Selection and Visibility pane, click the icon to the right of Isosceles Triangle 2 (
to remove the triangle from view. Click the icon again and Excel displays the triangle.
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