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Grouping graphics
5 In the Format tab, in the Arrange group, select Align and then choose Align Bottom.
Excel bottom-aligns all three graphics.
Again, in the Arrange group, select Align but this time choose Distribute Horizontally.
Excel distributes the objects to be evenly-spaced along a horizontal plane.
Grouping graphics
Sometimes you need to work with more than one graphic, such as when you want to rotate
multiple shapes by the same amount. Excel lets you group the graphics and then perform the
rotation so that you do it in one operation.
If all three graphics are not still selected, click the star; press the Shift key, and then
click the triangle and the arrow. Selection boxes appear around each graphic, and Excel
displays the Drawing Tools on the Ribbon.
Click the Format tab, and in the Arrange group, click Group ( ) and select Group from
the menu. Excel places a single set of sizing handles around the graphic group.
In the Arrange group, click Rotate (
). The Rotate menu appears.
Use the Rotate menu to rotate graphics
horizontally, vertically, left, or right.
Select Rotate Right 90°, and then select Flip Vertical. Excel rotates all the graphics in
one motion.
Click Group and select Ungroup. Notice that each graphic now has individual sizing
handles and no longer behaves as a single entity.
Select File > Save, and then select File > Close.
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