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Formatting clip art and imported pictures
Formatting clip art and imported pictures
When you import a graphic into a worksheet, Excel displays the Picture Tools tab.
The Picture Tools tab displays the tools you can use to format images.
Adjusting images
The Adjust group in the Format tab of ers the following tools to format images.
Use the Correction tool to increase or decrease the picture’s sharpness,
brightness, or contrast.
Use the Color tool to select a new color for the image.
Artistic Effects
Use the Artistic Effects tool to apply a special effect to the image.
Compress Pictures
Use the Compress Pictures tool to compress all images or selected
graphics in the worksheet to reduce the file size.
Change Picture
Use the Change Picture tool to open the Insert Picture dialog box where
you can select an image in a new graphics file to replace the existing
Reset Picture
Use the Reset Picture tool to remove all formatting changes that have
been made to a picture and return it to its original format.
Click the Monthly Sales image on the excel0802_done worksheet; in the Adjust group
on the Ribbon, click Corrections. The Corrections menu appears with the current
settings highlighted.
The Corrections menu lets you sharpen or soften the image and adjust its brightness or contrast.
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