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Formatting clip art and imported pictures
In the Brightness and Contrast group, click the image to the right of the current
selection (in the third row, the fourth image from the left). Notice that Excel adjusts
the brightness.
Click Color, and the Color menu appears with the current settings highlighted.
The Color menu lets you adjust the color saturation and tone. It also lets you recolor the image.
In the Recolor group, click the farthest image to the right in the second row. Notice that
Excel adjusts the color to orange.
In the worksheet, click the spreadsheet image and then click Artistic Eff ects. Excel
displays the Artistic Eff ects menu.
The Artistic Eff ects menu lets you add an eff ect to the image, such as blur.
Select the middle image in the bottom row. Excel changes the eff ect to Photocopy.
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