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Working with shapes
In the Insert Shapes group, click Edit Shape. Excel displays the Edit Shape menu.
The Edit Shape menu lets you change the shape or
edit the points on the shape.
9 Select Edit Points. Excel changes the border color to red. Place the cursor on the
lowerright corner of the parallelogram, click and drag to the right until you reach the right
side of column E.
10 On the Edit Shape menu, select Change Shape and choose the rectangle. Excel now
changes the parallelogram to a rectangle.
11 In the Insert Shapes group, click Text Box. Click anywhere in the rectangle and Excel
displays a blinking cursor within the shape.
12 Type Text box . Excel displays the text in white.
13 Click the More arrow to the right of the Shape Styles group. Excel displays the Shape
Styles menu.
You can choose from a variety of styles on the Shape Styles menu.
14 Select the third style over from the left in the bottom row called Intense Eff ect - Red,
Accent 2.
15 Select File > Save, and then select File > Close.
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