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Inserting WordArt
In this section, you’ll change the font to Arial, the size to 12 pixels, and the font style to bold.
You’ll then resize a text box, and add a border and i ll.
Double-click the border of the text box. On the Home tab, click the down-arrow to the
right side of the Font group and select Arial.
Click the down-arrow to the right side of the font size and select 12. Click the Bold ( )
and Italic ( ) icons.
In the Alignment group, click the Center icon ( ).
Click and drag the sizing handle in the bottom-middle of the text box until you reach
the line below row 26.
Select the Format tab and in the Shape Styles group, click the third style called Colored
Outline - Red, Accent 2. Excel displays a red border around the text box.
Click the Shape Fill icon ( ). The Shape Fill menu appears.
Select a i ll for the text box from the
Shape Fill menu.
Select the third color from the left in the top row, directly under Theme Colors. Excel
applies a gray i ll to the text box.
Inserting WordArt
WordArt is text that behaves as a graphic. You will i nd the WordArt command on the Insert
tab in the Text group on the Ribbon. Be sure that the text box is not selected before you
begin this exercise.
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