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Adding a screenshot
8 Repeat this process for the next four lines and enter the following text:
Feel bad for a minute
Pick yourself up
Dust yourself of
Start over again
9 Click the SmartArt Tools Design tab on the Ribbon, and in the Create Graphic group,
click Text Pane ( ). The text pane disappears.
10 Click Change Colors (
) to the left of the SmartArt Styles group. The Change Colors
gallery appears.
The Change Colors gallery of ers a variety of colors.
11 Select the i rst choice on the left under Colorful.
Adding a screenshot
You can use the Screenshot tool in the Illustrations group to capture an entire window
or a portion of a window. You can then insert the screen image into a worksheet. In this
exercise, you’ll open a document, capture a part of the document, and insert it into an Excel
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