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Adding a screenshot
To open the i le you need for this lesson:
Open Microsoft Word and choose File > Open navigate to the Excel08lessons folder.
Click excel0808, and then click Open. Scroll down so that all the text on the page
is visible.
Switch back to Excel by clicking on the Excel button found on the status bar which is
along the bottom of your monitor. In the excel0807_done worksheet, on the Insert tab
in the Illustrations group, click Screenshot. The Screenshot menu appears.
Use the Screenshot tool to capture
a window or part of a window.
Excel displays a thumbnail image of each program that is open.
Select Screen Clipping. Excel displays the program window and the cursor becomes a
cross (+).
Click in the upper-left corner of the Word document; drag to include all the text, and
then release the mouse button. Excel copies your selection from the Word document and
pastes it on the Excel worksheet.
Click the screenshot. The cursor changes to a cross with arrows on each end. Drag the
image down below the diagram. Excel displays the Picture Tools tab on the Ribbon.
On the Ribbon, click Picture Border found in the Picture Styles group. Excel displays
the Picture Border menu.
Use the Picture Border menu to select a color
and weight for the border.
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