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Creating a presentation from an existing file
Creating a presentation from an existing i le
You’ll start by opening a template and adding elements to it.
Choose File > Open. PowerPoint displays the Open dialog box.
Navigate to the Oi ceLessons folder and open the PPT01lessons folder. Click pp0101,
and then click Open.
The template appears on your screen.
Click inside the Click to add title box and type Calming Upset Clients .
Click inside the Click to add subtitle box. Where the cursor starts blinking, type Staying
Eff ective during Conl ict .
Saving and converting a presentation from prior versions
Saving a i le right after you create it is good practice. It makes it easy to save modii cations as
you build the document and helps PowerPoint recover your i le if your computer or software
stops working correctly.
The template you are using for this presentation was saved in a version of PowerPoint prior
to 2007. You can quickly and easily convert a PowerPoint presentation saved in a previous
version of PowerPoint to the newer .pptx i le format.
Notice that in the title bar, after the title of the open presentation, PowerPoint displays the
words Compatibility Mode . In Compatibility Mode, not all features of PowerPoint 2010 are
available to you.
Compatibility Mode appears after the title of the presentation.
Click File > Info > Convert. PowerPoint displays the Save As dialog box.
In the File name box, type pp0101_working and click Save. Compatibility Mode
no longer appears on the title bar. PowerPoint saves the i le as a .pptx i le, which is
compatible with PowerPoint version 2007 and greater.
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