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Changing the slide layout and aligning text
In the Slides view, which is the area of the slides along the left side of the screen,
rightclick slide. A shortcut menu appears.
The shortcut menu displays options for
the slide.
From the shortcut menu, select Layout > Comparison. The slide layout changes to the
comparison layout.
You will now align the title text to center it. When aligning text, you have many
options. You can align text horizontally left, center, or right. You can also justify the text
by aligning it both left and right, leaving space between words to accommodate the
justii cation of the text. PowerPoint also allows you to change the direction of the text.
Click to the left of the word Upset in the title text box, and on the Ribbon, click Home.
In the Paragraph group, click Center (
) to center the slide title.
If you apply a new slide layout and are not happy with the result, you can return the slide to its
default state by clicking the Reset button (
) on the Home tab.
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