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Adding pictures and text to the slide
Adding a style to a picture
A picture style is a way of framing a picture. Picture styles include simple frames, soft edge
rectangles, shadows, and beveled edges.
In this exercise, you’ll add a shadow to the pictures on slide 2.
Select the picture under Temporary lapse of reason. When you select a picture, the
Picture Tools tab is highlighted. Click on the Format tab just underneath the Picture
Tools tab to coni rm that the Format options are visible on the Ribbon.
The Picture Tools allow you to adjust, enhance, arrange, and size pictures.
In the Picture Styles group, click on the More button to view all visual styles for the
picture. Select Drop Shadow Rectangle from the menu.
Select Drop Shadow Rectangle to apply a drop shadow to a picture.
Select the picture under Naturally unreasonable, and select Drop Shadow Rectangle
to apply a drop shadow to the other picture on the slide. Select File > Save to save
your work.
Applying slide transitions
You can add transition eff ects, such as fades, dissolves, and wipes, to control how one slide
advances to another. You can also control the speed of the transition.
When applying slide transitions, you should use them sparingly and be consistent by choosing one
transition or similar transitions for all slides.You want your audience to focus on the presentation,
not the transitions.
You can apply dif erent slide transitions as you move from one slide to another. PowerPoint
gives you many transition options. In this exercise, you’ll apply a transition to the slide. To
begin, you need to be in Slide Sorter view.
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