Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Adding pictures and text to the slide
In the slide, click and drag to select the slide title, and then in the Font group, click
Text Shadow.
Text Shadow places a shadow around the text.
Adding eff ects and animating text
You can emphasize text in many ways in your presentation, such as by applying a bold eff ect
to a font, adding a shadow, and animating the text. In this exercise, you’ll apply a shadow,
change the font, assign a bold eff ect, and animate the text to l y in one bullet point at a time.
Then you will set a duration to the animation and preview the slide to see the results of
your work.
In Slide view, click slide 3, What Clients Want. Place the cursor before the word What in
the title and click three times to select What Clients Want .
On the Ribbon, select Home. In the Font group, click Text Shadow.
Click the Text Shadow button to make
the letters cast a shadow.
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