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Understanding Microsoft PowerPoint
Understanding Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint helps you share your ideas on screen, helping you communicate when you give
presentations either in-person or on-line. Whether you are delivering training, demonstrating
ideas, explaining concepts and procedures, or giving any other kind of presentation,
PowerPoint helps you tie together your ideas and concepts with images, text, multimedia, and
sound. You can also include eff ects and create transition between slides to introduce sections
or dif erent concepts.
Your presentation can include charts and diagrams from Excel and documents from Word.
You can even include compelling multimedia.
Presentation basics
You’ll start by looking at the basics of the PowerPoint application and then begin
constructing a presentation. You can build a presentation from a blank slate or from a
predesigned template or you can use a theme. A theme is similar to a template which gives your
presentation a certain look. The dif erence is that themes can be changed very easily.
A template has a preformatted layout that stores styles, fonts, background color, and design,
along with many other items, which makes it more dii cult to modify.
As you start to design presentations, remember to think about the audience and the type of impact
you want to have on them. Are you trying to inspire them, inform them, or maybe solve their
problems? This will dictate the type of content you’ll want to include. Always keep your audience
in mind, because successful presentations are those that reach and connect with your audience.
Creating a new presentation
Choose Start > Programs > Microsoft Oi ce > Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. A blank title
page opens, ready for you to add text, graphics, or other content.
Place your cursor before Click to add title. Notice that the cursor lies in the center of
the text box. This is where you will add text for the title of this presentation. In this text
box, type Nature’s Own Pet Food .
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