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Understanding Microsoft PowerPoint
Now, place your cursor in the Click to add subtitle text box and then type Natural
Food for Dogs and Cats .
To the left, notice a small version of the slide under the Slide tab and adjacent to this the
Outline tab. PowerPoint displays small icons for each slide in the Slides view. You can use
this view to navigate between slides by double-clicking on them, or use this to arrange
the sequence of your slides.
The Slides view.
Click the Outline tab in the viewing area. You can see that PowerPoint keeps track of
each slide in outline format as you build your presentation. You can use this to view and
organize the thoughts and topics in your presentation.
Click Slides to return to the Slides view.
Choose File > Save As. The Save As dialog box appears. Navigate to the Oi ceLessons
folder. Click the PPT02lessons folder and type pp0201 in the File name box, and then
click Save. You will continue to use this i le for practice, so keep it open.
Powerpoint’s user interface
PowerPoint’s interface includes standard Windows elements, such as the title bar and status
bar. The window also contains Oi ce-specii c elements such as the Ribbon and the File tab
and PowerPoint-specii c elements such as tools and options that you can use to enhance your
The PowerPoint Tools are located on the Ribbon.
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