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Word Lesson 1: Microsoft Word 2010 Jumpstart
The project
In this lesson, you will create a document from scratch. Using the most popular features
of Word 2010, you will compose a document that contains an article, a blank page, and a
cover page.
Launch Microsoft Word 2010.
Choose File > Open. Navigate to the Word01lessons folder located in the Oi ceLessons
folder that you copied to your computer from the DVD that came with this topic, then
double click word0101_done to open the i le.
A Word document opens to the i rst page in a document; the cover page. In this exercise,
you will reproduce this document from a blank page. You can keep this i le open as you
work, or, after examining it, close the i le by choosing File > Close.
The completed Word document.
The Word workspace is similar to other Microsoft Oi ce applications, and the tools are
conveniently located on the Ribbon, across the top of the window for whenever you
need them.
The Ribbon displays dif erent options depending on the tab you click. Here, the Home tab displays the most commonly
accessed tools and options.
The Ribbon is divided into tabs, and within each tab there are groups. The Ribbon
replaces traditional menus that existed across the top of the screen and toolbars which
were found in older versions of Microsoft Oi ce. The primary tabs of Word 2010 are
File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, View and Acrobat.
The Ribbon is context sensitive, meaning that its appearance changes depending on your
current task. Some tabs appear only in certain contexts and change depending upon
where your cursor is located or what item you have selected.
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