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Applying a theme
Applying a theme
The Ribbon that runs across the top of the PowerPoint window has many of the commands
you need to prepare a presentation. The Design tab holds the commands that help with
presentation design such as themes, fonts, colors, and backgrounds.
The Themes group on the Design tab allows you to apply themes to your presentation.
In the Themes group of the Design tab, you can i nd built-in themes to apply to your
presentation to create consistent slides using the same colors, design, and font. In this exercise,
you’ll apply a theme to the presentation.
With the pp0201 presentation still open from a previous exercise, click the Design tab.
Click the drop-down menu to the right of the Themes group. From the display of
themes, click Solstice.
Select Solstice from the Built-in Themes menu.
When you apply the Solstice theme, the title of the presentation changes to include
embossed black text and a decorative bar.
Keep the slides simple with lots of white space.Your message can get lost in too many words. Use
pictures to tell your story. A picture does say a thousand words, so let the picture talk.
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