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Using the Notes pane
Click inside the Click to add text box, and type the following bullet points:
Use only high quality ingredients
Use nutrient-rich, unaltered ingredients
Use highly-controlled cooking methods
Use no artii cial preservatives, colors, or additives
Using the Notes pane
Now you’ll open a Word document and copy notes for the speaker to place them in the
presentation. The Notes pane helps guide a presenter when delivering a presentation. It
is located below the slides so you can write notes to remind the presenter of concepts or
ideas that should be discussed while displaying the slide. You can include particular words to
explain the slide or specii c statistics or data that support the slide. The Notes pane provides
information that can be made visible to the presenter but hidden from the audience during a
Don’t try to put all your information into each slide. Rather, use the slides to complement what
the presenter is discussing. A slide listing bullets of everything the speaker is discussing cause the
audience to focus on the slides rather than the speaker. With this approach, the notes become even
more important, because the primary information will be coming from the presenter, with the slides
serving as visuals to reinforce the message.
Use the Notes pane to add information for the presenter to share with the audience during the presentation.
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