Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Adding a text box
On the Shape Fill menu, select Picture.
The Insert Picture dialog box is displayed.
Navigate to PPT02lessons and double click pp0202b. PowerPoint inserts the selected
photograph into the rounded rectangle.
In the Drawing group, click the Shape Outline drop-down arrow, and select No Outline
from the Shape Outline menu. The outline disappears.
You may want to resize the shape to display the photograph a bit clearer. You can do this by
clicking and dragging the corners of the shape.
Adding a text box
You can add a text box and blank slide that varies from the design theme or template so that
some slides have variations of the theme. You can control text formatting including color and
size. In this exercise, you’ll add a blank slide and text box.
With slide 2 selected, on the Quick Access Toolbar, click the New Slide drop-down
arrow and then select Blank.
On the Ribbon, click Insert > Text Box from the Text group.
Select Text Box from the Text group to add a new
text box to the page.
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