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Adding a text box
Move the cursor over the new slide, then click and hold down on the mouse where you
want the upper-left corner of the new text box to start and drag to the right, releasing
when the box is as wide as you want it.
Press Alt+Tab to switch back to the pp0202 Word document. Click within the text three
times to select all the text under Copy to text box Slide 3 . Right click the mouse to display
the context menu, and select Copy.
Press Alt+Tab to switch back to the pp0201 presentation and with your cursor still
blinking inside the text box you created, then press Ctrl + V to paste the text.
If you want to move the text frame to a dif erent location on the page, position your cursor over
the outside edge of the text frame, then click and drag to move the entire text frame to another
location.You can also click and drag any of the round points at the corners of the text frame to
adjust the size of the frame.
Click once to insert the cursor before the opening quotation mark. Click and drag to
select all the text through the closing quotation mark. You’ll now change the attributes
for this text, so keep this text selected.
On the Ribbon, select Home.
You can customize the attributes for text in your presentation using
the Font group found within the Home tab of the Ribbon.
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